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Introducing the team of experts dedicated to support the

revenue management of your hotels.

Team Meeting

Discover our essential selection of combined services designed in various stages.


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RevInsight Consulting comprises of an efficient & knowledgeable team of revenue managers, analysts, big data specialists, distribution professionals, & pricing experts, marketing and social media coordinators, project managers, recruiters, and financial accountants... Truly an abundance of expertise trustworthy to support your business. Meet the key players!

John Snow
Cluster Revenue Manager

Dedicated and expert in multi-property hotel revenue management, our all round RM can support any market, and any strategy.  

Samantha Jones
Revenue Manager

Approachable and reliable, our RM is an expert in hotel revenue management with over 5 years experience.

Kim Bailey
Distribution & Analytics  
Trevor Sinclair
VP Sales & Marketing

Extensively knowledgeable of online distribution, channel managers, partner extranets and overall hotel revenue management. With over 3 years experience in various markets, our Distribution and Analytics manager is most reliable to support your e-commerce, market intelligence and insight.

Founder and Managing Director of RevInsight Consulting.

Passionate to contribute and share over 15 years of rich and enlightening experiences in the evolving hospitality business, specialised in hotel revenue management, S&M, Finance & Asset Management.

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