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  • Jobs & Careers | RevInsight

    JOBS & CAREERS ​ Discover Opportunities, New Beginnings.. ​ Anchor 1 Follow us ! #RevenueManagement #RevInsight

  • The Team | RevInsight

    CONSULTING & SOLUTIONS ABOUT US Introducing the team of experts dedicated to support the revenue management of your hotels. ​ ​ ​ Discover our essential selection of combined services designed in various stages. MEET THE TEAM Anchor 1 RevInsight Consulting comprises of an efficient & knowledgeable team of revenue managers, analysts, big data specialists, distribution professionals, & pricing experts, marketing and social media coordinators, project managers, recruiters, and financial accountants... Truly an abundance of expertise trustworthy to support your business. Meet the key players! John Snow Cluster Revenue Manager Dedicated and expert in multi-property hotel revenue management, our all round RM can support any market, and any strategy. Samantha Jones Revenue Manager Approachable and reliable, our RM is an expert in hotel revenue management with over 5 years experience. Kim Bailey Distribution & Analytics Trevor Sinclair VP Sales & Marketing Extensively knowledgeable of online distribution, channel managers, partner extranets and overall hotel revenue management. With over 3 years experience in various markets, our Distribution and Analytics manager is most reliable to support your e-commerce, market intelligence and insight. Founder and Managing Director of RevInsight Consulting. Passionate to contribute and share over 15 years of rich and enlightening experiences in the evolving hospitality business, specialised in hotel revenue management, S&M, Finance & Asset Management.

  • RevInsight | Hotel Revenue Management

    HOTEL REVENUE MANAGEMENT International Hospitality Experts providing MODERN DAY HOTEL REVENUE INSIGHT BRUSSELS | LYON | GENEVA, Since 2017 DISCOVER OUR WORLD OF REVENUE MANAGEMENT Home scroll "How can we help & support you?" "How can we help & support you?" Focus on influential & impacting factors of Hotel Revenue Management Optimisation . ​ Together, we extend the focus, and dedicate time and manpower to essentially deliver results and guarantee revenue growth in a sustainable environment. ​ See more ... SERVICES & SOLUTIONS See All Services THE ACADEMY "Training, Development and Education is the ultimate investment!" Invest in your team, your colleagues, or yourself! Knowledge in any field of expertise is the key to success. We conduct onsite training, seminars, 1-1 coaching sessions, group presentations, and online e-learning. All content is certified. More Info | The Academy Follow us ! #RevenueManagement #RevInsight contact CONTACT US Send Thanks! Message sent. Tel: +32 492 85 66 66 | |

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    Includes all essential RM responsibilities : + Pricing + Distribution & Connectivity + Inventory Optimisation + Reporting + Yielding & Segmentation + Group Quoations + Forecasting + Contracting Partners + Account Maintenance + Parity Audits + OTA Distribution troubleshooting + Budgets ( Room / Total ) + Analytics and Big Data + Performance Benchmarking + Social Media & Marketing + Active Campaigns, PPC, SEO Book yourself a meeting to have us visit you/us to introduce the ADVANCED module of our consulting program.


    Our Weekly Seminars are suitable for hotel professionals who are eager to develop skills in the field of hotel revenue management. ​ FORECASTING & BUDGETS This seminar is one of our advanced learning experiences, covering hotel revenue management applied to forasting and budgets. In this course you will develop creative strategies of pricing in any given market environment, optimizing each opportunity applicable for at your property


    We fill in temporarily due to your various possible circumstances, and we ensure there is no disruption of sales during a minimum period of 3 months. Includes : + Pricing + Maintenance of Distribution & Connectivity + Inventory Optimisation + Reporting + Yielding & Segmentation + Group Quotations + Account Maintenance Book yourself a meeting to have us visit you/us to introduce our Interim RM solutions!

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  • IHG Downplays Stalled Growth Amid Pandemic Recovery

    Article by SKIFT October 22, 2021 IHG isn’t expanding at the rate of some of its competitors. The company’s review process of poorly performing Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza properties can’t end soon enough. IHG Hotels & Resorts reported Friday its third straight quarter of essentially no net expansion to its global portfolio. But one company leader emphasized growth is just around the corner. The company behind brands like InterContinental and Holiday Inn is still opening rooms — nearly 30,000 so far this year — but enough hotels are exiting the IHG network where the company hasn’t seen any annual net growth in recent quarters. New room signings in IHG’s Americas region are roughly half of 2019 levels. Leaders at IHG, which is undertaking a review process of roughly 200 underperforming Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels, maintain the company can return to the strong growth momentum seen before the pandemic. “Remember that there is quite a long lead time for a deal to go from when an owner starts to get interested in doing a signing with us to actually getting ink on a page and a legal contract in place,” Paul Edgecliffe-Johnson, IHG’s chief financial officer, said Friday on an investor call. “For quite an extended period of time, our owners have been focused on stabilizing their businesses, looking after their teams, etc. And it’ll take a while before that sort of normalizes. What we have seen, though, is very encouraging.” There has been an increase in inquiries about franchise deals, he added. Potential owners have letters of intent for hotels and available property lined up, and a crucial part of the development equation — willing lenders at regional banks — is once again showing signs of life. Edgecliffe-Johnson indicated the company should be back to the growth it saw in 2018, which was the strongest level of rooms expansion seen in a decade, as early as next year. “The regional banks have been calling our owners more to say, ‘We are open for business. We want to lend on your project,’” Edgecliffe-Johnson said. “Again, that’s a good early indicator as to the [pace of] signing doubling in due course.” While IHG has seen flat growth this year, some of its competitors are managing to expand during the pandemic. Hilton reported a 7 percent net rooms growth in the second quarter compared to IHG’s negligible net expansion. Marriott International, which similar to IHG saw a chunk of its rooms removed from its system due to a failed deal with a Boston-based real estate trust, estimated on its second quarter report the year would end with as much as 3.5 percent rooms growth. A Year to Rebuild Part of IHG’s flat rooms growth is attributed to the company’s ongoing review of roughly 200 Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels with poor customer service ratings. More than 90 of those hotels have either already been removed from the IHG network or are in the process of leaving. Owners of more than 40 of the hotels committed to a property improvement plan. Read the full article here

  • PwC UK Hotels Forecast 2021-2022

    Article by PwC UK October 22, 2021 Encouraging signs for hoteliers After the most volatile trading period since benchmarking began, the PwC Hotels Forecast 2021-2022 reveals the green shoots of recovery as demand returns. Though performance is not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by Q4 2022, there are finally encouraging signs for hoteliers. By the end of 2022, the forecast is that revenue per available room (RevPAR) in London will return to between 43% and 86% of pre-pandemic levels. In the regions, this figure is higher with the forecast between 64% and 100% of pre-pandemic levels. I believe with the right planning and strategy, hotels across the UK can look forward to significantly better trading over the next 12 months. - Sam Ward, UK Hotels Leader This year, to help account for the unpredictable path of the pandemic, we have modelled three scenarios: slow, moderate and strong rebounds. You can explore each of these in the full report. Hotels Forecast 2021 - 2022 - An Emerging Recovery Find out more about the UK Hotels Forecast, what this means and opportunities for hoteliers into 2022. By the end of 2022, the forecast is that revenue per available room (RevPAR) in London will return to between 43% and 86% of pre-pandemic levels. In the regions, this figure is higher with the forecast between 64% and 100% of pre-pandemic levels. Read the full article here Download 2022 UK Forecast :

  • Europe Travel & Tourism sector lags global recovery

    Article by WTTC Press Office October 22, 2021 European Travel & Tourism sector’s contribution to GDP to grow by less than a quarter this year. Sector employment remains stagnant in 2021, however, with the right measures, the number of those employed in the sector next year could surpass pre-pandemic levels. With millions more European citizens fully vaccinated, international spending is expected to rebound by nearly 80%% in 2022. London, UK - Latest research from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) shows Europe’s Travel & Tourism sector’s year on year recovery may only achieve a growth of 23.9% this year. The data from WTTC says this slow recovery is due to travel restrictions throughout the year, particularly in the first half, which continued to hinder the sector’s recovery. Before the pandemic struck, Europe’s Travel & Tourism sector’s contribution to GDP represented €1.92 trillion (9.5% of the total economy). However, according to the research, and based on the current rate of recovery, the sector’s contribution to GDP could see an increase of less than a quarter (23.9%) in 2021, falling behind the expected growth of the global sector of 30.7%. The data also reveals that in 2022 Travel & Tourism’s contribution to the European economy could see a further year on year rise of 38%, representing an increase of €439 billion. Although far from pre-pandemic levels, the growth of the sector has seen a slight rise due to the successful vaccination rollout, and intra-European mobility, supported by the EU Digital COVID Certificate, which was launched in early July this year. But with borders closed internationally Europe has struggled to recover. The global tourism body says whilst the surge in domestic travel has provided some relief, it is not enough to achieve the full recovery the region needs in order to salvage Europe’s economy and millions of jobs. The research goes on to show that while domestic spending is set to rise 30.2% year on year in 2021, international spending is expected to see a smaller increase of just 19.3% this year, reaching €242 billion, well below pre-pandemic levels, of €560 billion in 2019. Next year, domestic spending is set to rise 27.7%. However, with relaxed restrictions in many European countries and with millions more European citizens fully vaccinated, international spending is expected to rebound 77.2% year on year. In 2019, the European Travel & Tourism sector supported more than 38 million jobs. After suffering a loss of 3.6 million jobs last year when the pandemic brought international travel to an almost complete standstill, employment growth is set to remain stagnant this year. However, WTTC’s research reveals an expected 15.7% rise in jobs in 2022, increasing by 5.5 million jobs to reach pre-pandemic levels. Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO said: “Our research shows that while the European Travel & Tourism sector is slowly beginning to recover, there is still a long way to go." “With many European countries’ borders now open to international travel for fully vaccinated travellers, the region’s economic recovery will be accelerated next year. This could restore millions of jobs and livelihoods which rely on a thriving Travel & Tourism sector." “We need governments to replace the patchwork of restrictions with a set of harmonised rules for travel.” According to the research conducted by Oxford Economics on behalf of WTTC, the sector’s contribution to the region’s GDP and the rise in jobs could be more positive this year and next, if five vital measures are met by governments worldwide. These measures include allowing fully vaccinated travellers to move freely, irrespective of their origin or eventual destination. Secondly, the implementation of digital solutions which enable all travellers to easily prove their COVID status (such as the EU’s Digital COVID Certificate), in turn speeding up the process at borders around the world. Thirdly, for safe international travel to fully restart, governments must recognise for all vaccines authorised by WHO and fourthly, continued support of the COVAX/UNICEF initiative to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines around the world. Finally, the continued implementation of enhanced health and safety protocols, which will underpin customer confidence. If these five vital measures are followed before the end of 2021, research shows the impact on the economy and jobs across Europe could be considerable. Travel & Tourism’s contribution to GDP could rise by 28.8% (nearly €270 billion) by the end of this year, followed by a year on year increase of a further 40.3% (over €480 billion) in 2022. Read the full article here

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